Isthmus Custom

Isthmus Custom


This Isthmus Custom C Aeolian has a powerful custom art design and polished ding. With the addition of two bottom notes, this shockingly beautiful instrument has tons of songwriting potential.

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  • Care kit included. (microfiber cloth, seal1 sample, instructions).

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Looking for a special and unique instrument? Check back every month for something new by Isthmus. Design inspiration from Oz Barton.

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Hand-hammered for the best quality. Notes easily activated with the lightest touch. Long sustain and beautiful blue/purple color. Please note that this is a handmade item. We guarantee the quality of workmanship of every item, however the item may exhibit small scratches, bumps or other visual attributes that occur as the result of the manufacture of this handmade item. This video and pictures were made uniquely for this instrument. For purchase & shipping of this item outside the USA, please directly Contact Us.