Our Smaller Size Handpan. Now in Stainless Steel!

Our customers have been asking for smaller handpans for several years, and we are finally pleased to announce their arrival! We’ll be featuring our most popular D Minor scales, as well as a few other higher pitched, select sound models. The difference in feel and playing experience is astounding. Rather than getting used to a handpan’s size over time, we’ve developed one that just “fits” right from the start. If we could build all our handpan scales options on this size, we certainly would!

Our smaller size handpan has an outside diameter of nearly 21” and the height is closer to 9'“. (Our standard models are nearly 22” in outside diameter and are closer to 11” in depth). This may not sound like a large difference, but when sitting on your lap, the difference feels much more drastic and readily apparent!

Our new smaller sized handpans will fit in the standard black medium Evatek hardcases (with larger foam), or our Namana soft case that is 20” diameter in the “Sailcloth” color.

If you are looking for a portable sized handpan, a handpan that feels easier to play, or if in general you are smaller in height or have a smaller lap, you will love this new size. Currently, our smaller diameter handpans are only found in stainless steel. Want to know the difference between stainless steel and nitrided steel? Click below to learn more.

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