2nd Annual Midwest Handpan Gathering! Hosted by Isthmus Instruments

Our Friend's Video LOG above!

Also see local news coverage of the event by clicking here.

Isthmus Instruments hosted the 2nd Annual Midwest handpan gathering in Madison, WI on May 12th, 2018.  The event was a huge success, drawing new and experienced handpan players from in and outside of the state of Wisconsin! 

This year's event was free and sponsored by Isthmus Instruments. The event was also supported by several local volunteers and presenters.  Isthmus brought sixteen handpans to support beginners in their learning journey, providing hands-on access to the normally hard to find handpan instruments.

Throughout the day there were workshops that covered beginning touch, rhythm, song structure and scale techniques.  We are incredibly thankful for the workshop content provided by Jeremy Arndt, Shirin Leela,  Tony Meister, and the Fanka Foli drumming group.  We also want to thank our customer family and new friends for their logistic and musical contributions. The open mic and concert portion wrapped up the event. 

We are grateful to share in the love of these instruments with the beautiful community of people that gather around them. If you have ideas for future events, or would like to collaborate with us in the future, please email us at isthmusinstruments@gmail.com. 

Thanks to all and see you next year or sooner!

- The Isthmus Team