Meet the team


Jenny Robinson  

Owner/ Builder/ Tuner

Everyday I am committed to this vision; To connect people to instruments that they truly love. I founded Isthmus Instruments, LLC in 2013 after years of building and research, as the world’s first women-owned and operated handpan company, located in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. I have professional training in science & machining and a lifelong and abiding love for playing and appreciating music. These qualities help me build high-quality instruments with precision and passion.


Shlomo calvo

Point of Contact/ All-rounder

"I still remember the day that I first heard a handpan. At that moment I just knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life around these amazing instruments.

I am proud to work and learn from a maker like Jenny because of her incredible talent, hard work ethic, and the drive and desire to improve every single day."



Master Tuner/ Builder

I've been building and tuning steel pans for the last 20 years. In 1999 while taking steel drum classes at WVU,  I learned of an apprenticeship program founded by the Father of the Modern Steel Drum, Dr. Ellie Mannette. I immediately inquired on how I could become a part of the team, and was hired as an apprentice in the year 2000. Ellie and the Mannette team became like a family to me over the years, and patiently passed on their knowledge. I learned to build and tune all of the instruments, from spiderweb lead to basses. In 2013 I began applying my years of building and tuning experience to hand pans. I was intrigued by these instruments and I feel truly blessed to be able to collaborate with Jenny, who's drive and passion for the art form matches my own.