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Isthmus Instruments | Handpans
Handpans of the midwest, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago & Minneapolis

Welcome TO Isthmus Instruments

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About Us

Isthmus Instruments was founded in 2013 by Jenny Robinson. Isthmus creates musical instruments out of steel, most widely described as “Handpans”. Our mission is to build beautiful instruments and grow our community.



Our Instruments

Every instrument we make is hand-built. Through theoretical research and practical experimentation, Isthmus Instruments has developed an instrument-building process that can turn a simple sheet of metal into an acoustic work of art.


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our mission

Is to build beautiful instruments and grow our Community.


in action

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Buy a Handpan Now

We produce a limited number of new instruments every month for immediate purchase, as handpan flash sales. You can purchase any instrument available on our webstore and soon be making music! Make sure to visit our handpan shop often to stay updated on new scales we may offer every month.


Custom instrument order 

Would you like to design your own, custom-built instrument?  We can help with that. We will happily guide you through any questions you may have. As well as build the scale, color & artwork of your choosing. If you don't see exactly what you want today in our webstore - this is the fastest way to get your dream instrument. Click below to begin.