Stainless Steel vs. Nitrided Steel? What's the Difference?

There are three main differences between our nitrided and stainless steel handpans. First, the sound/sustain/timbre is long and bright on our stainless steel instruments. This makes them ideal for meditative playing, sound therapy, or players that prefer long sounding notes. Our nitrided steel has a beautiful and slightly more mellow timbre that could be described as more ceramic-like, than purely bright, as with the stainless.

Second, the size of our stainless steel instruments is slightly smaller in diameter by 1 inch and overall by several inches. This makes them fit in the lap comfortably and makes them great and portable for beginners.

Third, the color of stainless steel is either a metallic or straw yellow hue, where our nitrided steel are blue/purple. This is controlled by our heating process, and is what we offer for instrument color.

The scale choices are more limited on the stainless instruments due to the instruments smaller size. Both instruments are rust resistant and require little maintenance. In extreme or harsh humid or salty environments, stainless may be a better choice for some players.