Paul O.

“Wow, what an instrument! Jenny truly is a master of the craft, and a scheduled tour around her workshop shows just how much effort she puts in to the building, testing, and refining of her methods in making these wonderful, hand-made handpans. She was very accommodating and willing to share her knowledge and advice to me as a first-time buyer. I can assure you, the price tag is well worth the joy it will bring you as a musician while simultaneously supporting such a passionate, grassroots company making some truly stellar instruments. The nitrided finish of the steel and beautiful, resonant tones are stunning, and they reflect Jenny's passion as an artisan. I'll definitely be making future purchases from Isthmus.”

-Paul O.

-Shannon K.

I love my new stand! It took 2 minutes to put together, feels totally stable,  looks great in my house and cradles my handpan like a mother holds her baby. Another great product from Isthmus Instruments. Thank you for the quick shipping too! Namaste. 

-Chuck S.

“Just purchased a beautiful G-Oxalis +2 handpan & backpack case and we are absolutely delighted✨✨Our family drove up to Madison from Chicago and were welcomed by Shlomo & Jenny. They are so very kind and helped us find the perfect scale and tuning. They explained the process of making the handpan, and were so patient with us, we must have spent a few hours there. Their craftsmanship is impeccable and the sound of our handpan is pure bliss. They LOVE what they do, and it absolutely shows. We plan to go there again soon for their new stand & wall mount.

We’ve brought the handpan to music lessons (my sons plat drums & bass) and also to the forest preserve, and it’s like a magnet! We instantly have people asking questions and wanting to know more, it’s such good karma & a good vibe : ))

I can assure that you will be very pleased with any Isthmus Instrument, the makers & the quality & the sound are second to none. “

-Chuck S.

- Janet P.

“Outstanding experience from beginning to end.  The whole process was attentive, professional, prompt and flawless.  I just purchased 2 B-Ursa handpans and the craftsmanship is fabulous.  It was clear from the first playing that Jenny and her team poured their passion and expertise into building and tuning these instruments.  They sound amazing, individually and together. I couldn't be happier.”

-Gi Jane Capt Jane

Isthmus Instruments are amazingly artistic, and beautiful handcrafted Instruments. Isthmus instruments offers superior quality of sound in their design. A straight 5 Stars earned for Quality.


-Bruce S.

“After much searching for the right instrument I came across " Isthmus Instrument's" a small local business with two very talented artist who not only play the handpan but make a sweet sounding one as well. So what ever key is majic to your ear " Isthmus Instrument's" is the place to buy you amazing handpan.”

-Bruce S.

-Buc P.

“Their handpan and customer service are at 100%.  The handpan is the highest quality, sounds and looks beautiful.  They shipped it to me in one day. They treated me like more than a customer following up and sending tutorials for the instrument.  I would definitely invest in another handpan from them.”

-Buc P.

-Tammy G.

“I purchased a C# Mystic a few months ago and I am more than pleased with the overall quality of my handpan. I could feel how much love and hard work was put into creating this beautiful instrument when I first saw it. Shlomo and Jenny are true artists! They were extremely helpful throughout the process. I received my handpan even sooner than I had expected and it was packed to perfection. By far the best customer service I have ever experienced! Thank you so much for all your help and for creating these soulful instruments! I am certain I will be purchasing another handpan in the future from you guys!! -Peace”

-Tammy G.

-Michelle C.

“I'm so happy I found Isthmus Instruments! Shlomo's customer service was amazing. He was very caring and helpful. His advice was genuine. My F Equinox sounds so beautiful. Jenny has a real gift. I'm also very impressed with their website and blog. They are obviously a very generous and passionate company. Thank you so much!”

-Michelle C.

-Sounds for Health

“Above and beyond. Customer service is A+++++  And the instruments-Wow. These handpans are so incredibly well made.  Every single facet is made with love, and the end result is evident. The harmonics are superior and the tones are out of this world.  Do not hesitate to order one right now. I absolutely love playing mine.”

-Mike M.

-Maggi Q.

“I can't express how impressed I am with Isthmus. Everything about them is solid. The handpan is truly a quality instrument with beautiful detail, tone and craftsmanship. The follow-up after purchase has been kind and supportive. If you are on the fence about buying a handpan, go for will certainly be pleased.”

- Brett

“Have you ever received something that turned out to be far more incredible than you ever anticipated?  The C Aegean Isthmus handpan totally falls into that category for me. The instrument is a real piece of art that’s made with exquisite craftsmanship. I can’t describe the meditative feeling I get while playing it.  I just kind of zone out and get caught up in the music and tones. I sincerely cannot find a negative to this joyful addition to my home. If I’m not playing it, my ten year old son is playing it. I think this is by far one of the best purchases I’ve made in a very long time.  I wish I could find the words to describe how much I love my Isthmus handpan, but words just don’t do it justice.”