Handpan Accessories - Stands

Handpan stands can provide new players with several benefits. Since many handpans can be large in diameter and depth, a stand will allow a player to move freely around an instrument, without the cumbersome task of having to balance the handpan in the lap. Often, handpans will resonate more freely on a stand as well, making them sound louder and brighter. Stability when playing can also be a benefit when the stand is extra sturdy.


1) Isthmus Handpan Stand

Our standing height handpan stand is unique and beautiful. Designed by Isthmus and built in Wisconsin, this modern wood design will fit into your home like an elegant piece of furniture. (It's no ordinary snare drum stand!).

Unmatched in stability, our stand allows you to play with complete freedom of movement, at the tempo or speed you like. Built with a sturdy and balanced base to keep your handpan safe.

Your handpan is beautiful, and the stand you display it on should be as well.


2) Yamaha SS-740A Snare Stand

This snare drum stand can be used while sitting down with your handpan. You can find it on amazon. In fact, many snare drum stands may work for handpans, but keep in mind that not all snare drum hardwares work the same. Make sure to choose one that is sturdy and well-built. It is also important to select a stand that allows the arms of the stand to be moved up or down and locked into a taller 'v' arm position. This will allow you to adjust the stand to fit any depth/height of handpan. Proper adjustment will allows the instrument to rest on the rubber tips rather than the metal support arms.


3) Sounds Inspiring

Made by Richard at Sounds Inspiring, these slim and portable handmade stands fold up beautifully and keep flat for travel or storage. These stands are available in both standing and sitting versions. We like the standing height with the locking leg version. If you play fast or harder however, the legs may sway a bit, but this is normally not a problem.