Handpans in the Community

If you are like us, then there is something special that happens when you hunker down with your handpan in a comfortable place. Sometimes a quiet room, sometimes out in nature, and sometimes surrounded by people.  Here are a few local people are doing really neat things with their Isthmus Instrument handpans:  

 Kristie Vosburg shares her music in and around Waukesha, WI.  She began a monthly meetup group which incorporates a guided relaxation/meditation with the handpan. 

What Kristie says about playing the handpan: "In November of 2016 I purchased a handpan from Isthmus Instruments. Since then I have truly enjoyed every minute of playing my handpan, and very soon after purchasing it I also began playing it on a monthly basis for a guided meditation at a friend's yoga studio. It has been a hit and I have received a lot of positive feedback from the people attending these meditations. I am having a great time on my handpan journey and I am looking forward to what the future will bring for me with this awesome newfound instrument!"  ~ Kristie

Tony Meister shares his music in and around Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You might find him outside a coffee shop, at a wedding or special event,  or wherever his travels may take him...  

What Tony says about playing the handpan:  "The handpan lends itself to effortless expression that draws young and old from all walks of life. The unique sound makes it fresh and new every time I hear it and just the experience of playing the handpan takes me to an alternate milieu. I am so caught up in the moment as I go to that place; a place I love to take people to. " ~Tony

We would love to hear your story, too! Send an email to isthmusinstruments@gmail.com